Do you have a novel or short story written but need an extra pair of eyes on it? Are you unsure how a reader will react to your book? Uncertain about your dialogue? Check out my Beta service!

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta is someone who reads someone else's work during the editing/revision stages of writing. Some lump Critique Partners in with Beta Readers, but for my services, I focus on the your work as a reader or consumer of your product. A Beta helps to guide the author in terms of what revisions may need to be done for the work to shine. 

Do you need a Beta?

Some people are lucky in that they have a support system ready and willing to read and offer feedback on their work. This is great. Support system may consist of friends, family, writing groups etc. If you have this, then turn to them to help with reading your work. They will be a good resource. This is also not a service for those involved in chapter swapping or critique partnering with me. You guys are awesome, and I wouldn't be here on this writing endeavor without you. 

If you do not have such a support system, or if you'd like an outside opinion on your work, then this Beta service may be beneficial. As a writer, you are so close to your work that it's hard to know where to begin the revision process. A Beta will be able to point out plot holes and inconsistencies that you may not have seen. 

A Beta is not the same as an editor. There are many types of editors, and they all do different things. While you may get Betas to read your work at any point in your writing journey, it's my personal suggestion that a writer get Betas before they send their work off to an editor/before they make edits.*

*I suggest having more than one Beta Reader as different people will pick up on different things. Critique Partners will also help, because another writer can show you how to improve your craft.

What I will do as a Beta

My strength is in speculative fiction, but I can read for you in any genre (except Erotica). Like I've stated above, Beta readers are important, because a Beta can catch plot holes, flat characters and wooden dialogue.

As a Beta, I will be a reader, first and foremost. I will look at things like:

  • First pages: Does your "hook" work? Do your first 5 pages grip the reader/make them want to read more? 
  • Setting: Is there enough setting/world-building to put the reader into the story? Does the reader know where things are happening in the story? Are the descriptions impactful etc.
  • Characters: Are the characters relatable? Are they multidimensional (Do they feel like real people)? Are the relationships believable? I will also give feedback on character motivation if needed.
  • Plot: Notes on plot points and plot holes etc.
  • Dialogue: Is your dialogue stilted? Do all of your characters "sound" the same, or does each of them have their own voice?
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of work
  • Other*
*If you want me to pay attention to a certain plot point, character relationship etc., please note this in your request. I also accept individual chapters/partials if a synopsis or outline of your novel is provided.

All clients are different, and I will do my best to meet the individual needs of those who use my services as a Beta. In general, you will receive: comments on your first pages, notes at the end of each chapter along the lines of the topics listed above, and my general notes after reading the work in its entirety. The specifics are up to the client upon agreement of services.

What I will not do as a Beta

As I said before, consider Beta readers like "extra eyes" on a manuscript. I will not do line edits/line comments to correct things like style, grammar, spelling etc. I may comment in the chapter notes if I see a consistent grammar error, however. 

I will not rewrite anything for you. I am only here to read and comment.

Pricing and Contact

Beta services are .002 cents per word (USD).
Important: I do my transactions through PayPal, so please have an account with them. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice if the service is $30.00 or lower.

If the price is above $30.00, 50% is due upon receipt, and 50% is due before the work/feedback is sent back to you. Once I receive the second payment, your Beta feedback will be e-mailed.

Below is a chart with the sample price list. If you are unsure of how much it will cost, send me your concerns through the contact sheet below.

Number of Words Price (USD)


Thank you, and I hope to hear from you!

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