About Me

About Me

Hello! Hola! こんにちは!你好! I'm Evie, and I'm writing a novel. So, I thought I'd take you along for the ride! But I suppose you'd like to know a bit about me first, right?

I've always loved writing ever since I was little, but I never showed my earlier works with anyone. They are horrendous. Trust me. Terrible. 

But now that I'm older, I've taken it upon myself to complete a manuscript and get it published. Yay! This blog is to chronicle my journey into the world of writing, and I'll also share some tips that have helped me along the way.
I am a trained cultural anthropologist, and this background shapes how I write novels and stories as well. I have resources and knowledge on languages, peoples, and places that help to sculpt the fantasy worlds I create.  Making the transition from academic writing to fantasy writing will be a tough one, but I couldn't be happier.

What's up with the weird blog name?

I'll admit: my blog name wasn't supposed to be permanent. I needed a name to reflect my taste for caffeine and my love for fantasy and steampunk novels. Added to this need was the fact that my blog is about the journey of writing and its processes, so I added "Noveling" at the end. Noveling is what I am doing. I am creating something that wasn't there before.

And that's how the name TeaPunk Noveling came about.

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to ask away!

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