Monday, September 5, 2016

(More) YouTube Channels For Writers

Hello All!

Sorry for the absence last week...I seem to have hit a rut in my writing. Part of me knows that writer's block isn't really a thing, but the other part of me feels very burned out and uninspired at the moment. Hopefully the grey skies will clear soon, and I can get back to working on my project. 

When I am feeling a bit low on the creative juices, one of the things I like to do is to watch YouTube writing/BookTube channels. Many of them have advice or interesting content, so I thought I'd share some more resources with you. These are in no particular order.

1. Kristen Martin

Kristen Martin is the author of The Alpha Drive series, and her videos are informative and fun. She has self published her series, and has insight into things like creating your own publishing company as well as vlogs on her daily writerly life and writing-themed events.

Check her out if publication is something on your radar. 

2. Francina Simone

I originally subscribed to Francina Simone for her book reviews, but I also found out that she is coming out with a book, The Keeper's Vow. She typically focuses on YA when reading, and she writes "Epic, Urban Fantasies brimming with Magic and Moral Ambiguity." She offers in-depth looks at the authenticity and genuineness of books, and she gives her viewers deep subjects to ponder about when reading and writing. I love her discussions as well as her writing tips. She doesn't sugarcoat the difficult topics she tackles, and that's refreshing.

3. Rachael Stephen

I super enjoyed Rachael Stephen's "How to Build a Story" video series on YouTube. She has since published a book centered around that topic, and I've linked it underneath her sample video. When watching her content, I always feel the need to grab a cup of tea or coffee as she is personable and relatable. Her tags and book reviews are also worth a watch, too. 

4. Sara Ella

Sara Ella is also another BookTuber/Author in the YouTube universe. Her positive energy has me smiling when I watch her videos, and I particularly enjoy her "Past the Pages" video series. This series focuses on writerly happenings within the publishing world. Her videos have me thinking of her as a Disney Princess writer/reader who happens to be an active participant in online media. 

She is the YA author of the book, Unblemished.

What are some of your favorite writerly channels? Find me on Twitter, or leave a comment below!

As always, may your words be great and your pages many.

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