Monday, August 1, 2016

Mini-Post: Changing Names?

Hello All!

I have a mini-post today since #PitchWars is around the corner. 

::cue nervousness::

So while I am waist-deep in nerves and self doubt, my mind has drifted off to concern itself with other things unrelated to the contest.

I began to think: why is my blog name, TeaPunk Noveling, such a weird name? It's weird, right? Ugh...maybe I should change it. I already changed the colors of the blog from a darker theme to a lighter one, so why not add a new name, too?

Originally, I envisioned myself as a steampunk author. I thought it was much thing. But the more I wrote and the more ideas I jotted down in my writing notebook, the more I realized that my career as an author covers more genres than just steampunk. 

In essence, TeaPunk Noveling no longer fits with what I'm trying to build as a brand. I still love all things coffee and tea, but I think I've outgrown this name.

My brand is a reflection of who I am as an author---as a person. And maybe it's the INFJ in me, but pinpointing something that encompasses who I am as a person is equal parts terrifying and important.

Here are some of the names I've jotted down, along with many names the kind Twitter-verse provided me with:

  • Caffeinated Ink
  • Caffeine and Ink Blots
  • Coffee and Quills
  • Caffeintasy <-get it? Caffeine+Fantasy? xD
  • Teatime Wordsmith
  • A Writer's Mind
  • Wordsmith Cafe
  • (anything with the name Wordsmith in it :p)
  • Coffee-Filled (or Coffee-Fueled) Daydreams
  • The 2nd Draft
  • Something else?

What do you think? Comment below or find me on Twitter! And if you enjoy my weekly posts, be sure to sign up for updates!


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