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I Got Tagged! Writing Questions Answered~

Hello All!

I was nominated by an awesome blogger, Nicole Evans, to answer a few questions about myself. It looked like such fun, so here goes! Go and check this fellow epic writer out, she writes about writing and life!

Me...and Meela. It was supposed to be a candid shot, but...
Thoughts Stained With Ink

Now, on to the questions!

1. Why do you write?
     - I write as an escape, I write because I need to, and because it is simply a part of my identity now. If I don't write something for a while, it feels like energy building up like heat underneath a lid. I need to write to release that energy, or else everything will explode and make a mess. That's writing for me.  
Like many writers I know, I started writing and reading at an early age. My first ever story was about a horse named Blaze (with four, matching, white socks and a--you guessed it--blaze down his forehead). It had absolutely no plot or was just me writing about what it would have been like to own a horse as an 8 or 9 year old.

I wrote during school when I should have been taking notes, and I wrote as a way to get out of anxieties that plagued me growing up. In my worlds, I was in control, and amazing, magical things could happen to seemingly ordinary people who embark on spectacular adventures. I loved all of my characters because they helped me make sense of a less than friendly world.

Now, I write because I have stories I'd like to share with the world, and I also want to make a career out of writing. It may take me a while, but as long as I have this dream of publication, I will pursue it the best I can.

2. What would be the hardest part about surviving the apocalypse?
      -People. People who have nothing left to lose are scary to think about. People who have thrown their morals out of the window, and are now solely focused on surviving would be terrifying for me to encounter during an apocalypse. I would probably be the first one to go in that situation, since I run slower than a turtle stuck in molasses (unless I hear an ice cream truck...then all bets are off on how fast I can truly run). xD 
3. What author has inspired your writing the most?
     -Tamora Pierce, especially with her The Immortals series. I remember my young mind being blown when I read that quartet because the main character, Daine, was so relatable to me, and she was sort of described like me (Also, Numair...had a total literary crush on him).

I love her writing style, and I love how the good guys triumphed over the bad guys. I adore the magic that seeps through every page to really bring the world of Tortall to life. I have read those books so many times, the binding is falling apart. 

4. Your top five animated films?
      -Do all of Hayao Miyazaki's films count? 

5. Have you ever read any books on craft? If so, which was your favorite and why?
     -I've read Stephen King's On Writing, but it wasn't my favorite. I give it an honorable mention. I really liked the easy to read format and layout of James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure. The way he lays out the information in the book has really helped me to strengthen how I plot my stories which tend to be heavy on the character building, but lacking in the plot department.

6. Which fictional land would you have to visit and why?
     -I guess I'll stick to books and say Tortall (see previous answer about my biggest influence). And for the sake of cliche, I'd also love to visit Middle Earth because I'm basically a hobbit with my curly hair, short stature, and a passion for multiple meals in one day.

7. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten about writing?
     -"You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be good enough." I am the type of person who is her own greatest enemy. The price of aiming for perfection is that I almost cripple myself in the process. I used to not share my work with anyone...I felt like everything had to be "just so" in order for another pair of eyes to see it. Because to me, my writing is like showing another person a part of my very soul, my very essence. It put me (and still puts me) in an extremely vulnerable state to put work out there.

But, now that I'm a little older, and I've come to be comfortable in my own skin, I am letting others read my work. I've slowly come to the realization that just because someone may critique your work or your product, it does not mean they are critiquing you as a human being. It's still hard for me at times, but I am getting better at it.

8. Which element do you wish you could control?
     -, no contest. You can warm yourself with it, heat food with it, heat bath water with it, light your way, and take down your enemies by burning through everything they own. :3

9. What is your current writing project about and what about it excites you?
     - My current writing project is titled, The Transcendents: Shatterpoint, and it is an Adult Fantasy about an assassin who escapes the only home she's ever known when an ethereal species named Transcendents invades the human realm. If she doesn't stop the Transcendents, the realms between the worlds will shatter, and chaos and destruction will ensue. It excites me because it has everything I'd ever want in a fantasy series: character-driven plots, dragons, magic, romance, and even pirate mermaids. :D

10. Most importantly: favorite type of cheese?
      -Haha, I'm sure there's a Dragon Age joke in there somewhere. But alas, I am not funny enough for that, so I'll just go ahead and stick with swiss cheese. Or mozzarella...yum yum. 

That's all, folks! And thanks again, Nicole, for the nomination! 

If you'd like to answer these questions for your own blog,leave a comment with a link to your page, and I'll be sure to check it out!

☆~May your words be great and your pages many~☆

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