Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Goals

"Meela the cat" by: Me
 Hello All!

I hope the end of the year treated you well, no matter how you chose to spent it. My time was spent with my family and my fat British Shorthair, Meela. But, all of the smiles and well wishes in the world did not help in getting any writing done. And much like getting out of the habit of working out consistently, not writing for a time has me feeling lethargic about it. It is the time when complacency has taken over like a guest that has overstayed their welcome.

But, now it's a new year! It's 2016, and for me, it's the year I get several goals accomplished that I had been putting off for fear or lack of confidence. I can't let apathy play a dominating role in my writing life if I intend on pursuing this as a career. So, here are some of my goals for January:

  • Finish the first draft of my manuscript. Word aim: 90,000 

  • 1st round of revisions: Big overarching revisions done personally. Focus: world-building, plot coherence

Notice, I did not say "New Year's Resolution" in these goals. I am trying something new in how I arrange my own goals. Instead of saying large, overwhelming goals like: "Finish my novel", "Get published", or "Find an agent", I want to write down smaller, tangible goals to reach my larger goals. Not only that, but I want my timeline to get these goals done to be significantly shorter. This way (I hope) I can keep my familiar friend, Procrastination, at bay. 

So, in order to achieve my two January goals, I need to have a set amount I write every day, just like I did with NaNoWriMo. If I stick to writing out individual scenes until I reach the end, the word count should take care of itself. Once that's done, the first round of revisions will be done after I've let the manuscript "rest" for a week. Not much time to get everything done, but it is possible~

After January, my plan is to write out monthly goals in the same fashion. You may find that bi-monthly or quarterly goals work better for you, but as someone who excels in procrastination, short-term mini-goals work better for me. 

No matter what you do, ask yourself: "Does this activity help me move closer to my goals?" If not, and it does not contribute to your well-being in any way (vegging out in front of Netflix or playing 5 straight hours of Dragon Age doesn't count), consider the importance of said task. 

::clinks imaginary glass:: Let 2016 be the year of getting things done, and enjoying the journey along the way!

What are your writing goals for January/this quarter?

Well, that's all for now. We can do it. Just keep writing.


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