Sunday, October 25, 2015

Character Creation P.2

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Hello again, Friend!

So, you've got the bones of your characters made, but you still need to find a "voice" to make them distinct people. There are two things I do at this point: interviews and quizzes. Now, this may seems a bit wacky, but hang in there with me. 

  • Quiz Time: Go to 16 Personalities Quiz and answer the questions as your character. Put yourself in the mind of your character, and answer as they would answer. If you are honest with yourself and answer the questions, the results can tell you a lot about your character. By doing this, you can gain valuable insights into what makes each character tick, their strengths and their weaknesses. Aim for diversity in your characters. If everyone got along with everyone else, there would be little room for group conflicts. 

  • Interview Characters: Like with the first point, interviewing each character can go a long way in finding their voice. Create a list of 10 (or 5 or 20 or however many you want) questions you'd like answered. Here's a resource that may prove helpful: Interview Questions
If you keep a document with your main characters' responses, you may start to see differences in terms of what is important to them, their style of speech, and what they are passionate about. Remember to answer the questions as your character.

  • Find visuals/Make a visual board:For me, it helps to have a physical "base" for my characters. I will scour the internet, magazines, and even newspapers to find someone with the features I am looking for in order to visualize that character in my mind. But while I have a base, I do not verbally regurgitate the person's physical appearance onto the page. I may change hair color, eye color, height, nose shape etc. until I have a nice picture in my mind when I go to describe that character. I oftentimes will pull up the picture to study it when I do my descriptions as it helps me to be more precise with the little tidbits I do decide to share with the reader. Everyone is different, and if having visuals does not help you in the writing process, scrap it. No use in doing something that will only slow you down. 
As always, these things are just what I do when I make a character for a piece, and by no means is this the only way to go about this process.

Question: How do you create characters?

So, that's all I have for characters at the moment. There are many ways to create characters, so whatever works best for you is the method you should use. 


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